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Cricut Glitter Gel Pens (2008070)

TOOTEKIRJELDUSTarneaeg 7-12 tööpäeva.

Komplektis 3 keskmise (0.8) suurusega geelpliiatsit, mida saab kasutada Cricut Joy digilõikuriga. 
Geelpliiatsid värvis must, kuldne ja hõbendane.

Add an extra-special touch to written or drawn projects small and large with these three complementary hues. The eye-catching sparkle and silky gel enhance every project. Write flawless messages or phrases and draw intricate designs with a click. Add to cards, paper crafts, decor, and more, or draw perfect shapes and stunning coloring pages. They’re perfect for party and holiday invitations too. For use with Cricut Joy. 3 medium point (0.8) pens in Black, Gold, Silver
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