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Cricut asendustera Joy digilõikurile (2007929) You'll be ready for anything with a fresh replacement blade on hand. Cut any Cricut Joy material down to size or even materials you already have at home.     14.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Card Mat 4.5x6.25 Inch (2007968) Customize cards in minutes with this handy reusable Card Mat. Designed to work perfectly with all Cricut Joy cards, including Insert Cards (sold separately). You can personalize last-minute birthday cards, thoughtful thank you notes, or event invites in a     8.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Glitter Gel Pens (2008070) Add an extra-special touch to written or drawn projects small and large with these three complementary hues. The eye-catching sparkle and silky gel enhance every project. Write flawless messages or phrases and draw intricate designs with a click     10.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Insert Cards kaartide valmistamise komplekt Quick, personalized greeting cards with big impact are at your fingertips with Insert Cards for your Cricut Joy cutting machine.     8.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Joy Fooliumpressi otsikud Foil Transfer Kit (2009057) Add a little shimmer and shine to your Cricut Joy™ projects with stunning foil accents – think cards, invitations, gift tags & more. This unique tool gives you pro-level, polished results that shine.     39.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Joy Smart Iron-On kuumpresskile Wear your creativity on your sleeve, your pocket, or your pant leg with Smart Iron-On. This clever crafting material works without a cutting mat, so you can just load and go.     9.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Joy StrongGrip Transfer Tape siirdeteip (2008065) Transfer your custom Cricut Joy vinyl cuts to a variety of surfaces with ease and precision. This specially designed extra-strong Transfer Tape transfers heavier types of Smart Vinyl™, including Glitter and Shimmer.     6.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Joy Tote kandekott (2007812) Take your Cricut Joy machine with you and be ready when creativity hits. You never know when you'll need to throw a labelling party to organize your bestie's pantry, take it to your kids' classroom, or bring it to the office to make a birthday card     46.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Metallic Markers (2008071) Add personal notes or drawings to your projects, big or small, using your Cricut Joy machine. Any time you need an extra punch of pizzazz, these metallic markers add beautiful color, dazzle, and shine with bold, saturated strokes.     10.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Smart Iron-On Glitter kuumpresskile Nothing adds a touch of fab to your outfit or home decor like Smart Iron-On Glitter!      9.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Smart Label Writable Vinyl (2007359) Mõeldud kasutamiseks Cricut Joy masinaga koos Cricut Joy mustade markeritega.
Pakendis kirjutatav vinüül mõõdus 13.9 cm x 121.9 cm.
    9.99 € Lisainfo
Cricut Smart Vinyl kleebismaterjal Personalize a little or a lot. Make more in less time with Cricut Joy and Smart Materials™. There's nothing to prep. This clever crafting material works without a cutting mat, so you can just load and go.     10.99 € Lisainfo
Cricut StandardGrip lõikematt 4.5x12 Inch (2007965) When you need a little bit stronger grip for medium-weight materials, this reusable mat's your go-to.     11.99 € Lisainfo Cricut Starter Tool Set tööriistakomplekt (2007994) Make Cricut Joy projects even easier with these 3 must-have tools. Use the Spatula to carefully lift delicate materials like paper from your cutting mat. 
Komplektis nokitseja, spaatel ja kraabits.
    17.99 € Lisainfo

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